1. Tours are done in groups of about 30ish
  2. There is a small charge of £30 per tour
  3. We can put tours together to save you travel & staff costs
  4. Tours last between 60 and 90 mins depending on questions
  5. Tour is walk around building and visiting the Guru’s Bedroom and visiting the prayer halls, while guide talks about the religion, basic history and different ceremonies that take place at the Gurudwara.
  6. Soft drinks & biscuits for children and tea for staff at end of tour.

Tour Prices

  1. One Tours done separately (up to 30) £30
  2. Two tours together (30 to 60) £55
  3. Three tours together (60 to 90) £75
  4. Up to 120 max £100

Correct on 18th April 2013, these prices can change from time to time.

Gurdwara is a registered charity.

Gurdwara Protocol

  • When entering the Gurdwara Sahibm all visitors must, as a mark of respect to the Gurur Granth Sahib Ji:
    • WEAR modest attire
    • REMOVE SHOES - before entering prayer hall. Shoe racks are located on each floor
    • WASH hands - located on each floor
    • COVER HEAD - on entering Gurdward Sahib building
    • NOT be under the influence and have in their possession any ALCOHOL, TOBACCO or DRUGS (including the car park areas)
  • Prayer Hall
    • When approaching the Guru Granth Sahib:
      BOW DOWN and touch the forehead to the floor as a sign of respect towards the teachings of the Gurur Granth Sahib. NON SIKHS are not obliged to bow, however they can enter and join the congregation quietly.
    • VOLUNTARY OFFERINGS (monetary or food) are made at this time to help with the running and community work carried out by the Gurdwara Sahib
    • All people irrespective of status sit on the floor (with legs cross) in the prayer hall as a sign of equality (men & women) by choice sometimes site separately, but this is not equired religiously).
    • All people are expected to face the Guru Franth Sahib at all times
    • People may enter or leave the prayer hall QUIETLY at any time
  • Langar Hall (Communal dining room)
    • Please keep your head covered

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